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Best Places to Party In Jamaica


There are a various places available in Jamaica where we can enjoy party better, here we have outlined some of the best places to party in Jamaica. Just a few honorable mentions, there are so many wonderful party spots island wide.

Best Places to Party In Jamaica

Here I am sharing some of the best places to party in Jamaica.

Ricks Café
Pier 1
Collete’s  Bar
Floyd’s Pelican Bar
The Jungle
Quad Night Club
Runways Sports Bar and Grill
Twisted Kilt Pub and eatery

1) Ricks Café:

It is situated on the West End Cliffs of Negril, Rick’s Cafe is acknowledged for its adorable sunsets, live popular music, and cliff diving – right from the restaurant. The highest platform jump is 35 feet and local underwater divers do a series of back flips and stunt dives, while regular customers of the bar can also experience the beauty of jumping into the water. A main stage organizes numerous local and international bands and “Rick’s After Dark” offers an upmarket lounge feel which is next to the pool area. The menu starts from chicken wings and tropical salad to entrees like broiled lobster and blackened tuna.

2) Pier 1:
Pier 1 organizes the best occurring party in Montego Bay on Friday night which is stuffed from the afternoon’s buffet, proprietor await the enthusiastic crowd of locals who always come and ready to dance the night away. A club DJ goes wild crazy and makes the seafood restaurant with stunning sunset views into a thumping dance hall. Tropical drinks are the restaurant’s specialty, and several events that take place here draw more than 2,000 people. With a kinship for accomplished musicians and an pleasing view of the bay, Pier 1 always tops the list for high-spirited nightlife. The Major Special events include fashion events, Appleton-sponsored parties, and open-party night.

3) Collete’s  Bar:
Collette, the proprietor, is sweet as pie and makes her guests feel at home. She is the heart of the place and her energy makes people returning again and again. The drinks she serves are inexpensive, cold, and strong and there always seems to be a bunch of happy people laughing and drinking in the bar. Reggae music is always playing and there are plenty of locals hanging around chatting with the tourists. The vibes here establish the “one love” Jamaican lifestyle and no one is treated like a different person. The positivity found here will stay with you long after your holiday is over.

4) Floyd’s Pelican Bar:
Getting to this rachitic hutch is half the fun, and even though it draws the tourist crowd, it is a novelty that shouldn’t be left out! The bar is built into the sea and only reachable by boat, and once you get there stay for a while and forget about life. Although this falls in the “nightlife” class, most people visit during the day, and you can even snorkel around a bit in the shoal waters. The wood bar also offers fresh fish hotties and other menu items if you stay long enough to work up an appetite. get cards or dominoes and let the day pass away with a cold Red streak or two.

5) The Jungle:
The Jamaican dance hall attracts locals and tourists similar with bumping Reggae beats and other preferred jams and is the place to be after-hours in Negril. There are several bars to order drinks so you won’t be kept playing and different areas so you can choose what type of music to listen to. This place is all about dancing until the weensy hours of the morning! comprehensive drink prices offer a deal on basic mixed drink alternatives, and there is quality time at the door.

6) Quad Night Club:
The Quad is the first floor-level night club in Kingston and it has All things you need to have a mad night. There are levels Spirits living room, Club VisionZ, Deja Vu Lounge,and TaBOO – the ultimate adult playground. amusement changes from music, trendy house jams, performing artist on the baby grand piano, 80s and 90s music, Reggae ton, and American top 40s hits. There is something going on almost every night. Tuesdays are gentlewomen’s night, Thursdays feature hookas, and exceptional promotion events with popular Djs, free gifts, and plenty of shots are the average. Finger foods, soups, salad, sandwiches available in Juggz Sports Bar and Lounge.

7) Runways Sports Bar and Grill:
on six flat panel screen televisions and one jumbo screen showing major sporting events. Runaway Bay is one of the best spots in Jamaica to see the game. The bar also offers two pool tables, nightly amusement, darts, casino-style game boxes and even a swimming pool! The full restaurant serves local and international dishes on the third floor rooftop featuring spanning views. The menu includes Asian and Jamaica merger dishes, jerk and groomedchicken, and fresh seafood as well as classic appetisers like chicken wings, shrimp dip, and onion rings. The lower level is the Runaway Suites hotel with low-cost rates, making it easy to hit back and forth.

8) Twisted Kilt Pub and Eatery:
Set in the vacationist area of Montego Bay, this is your classic Irish pub (in Jamaica) with burgers, chicken wings, and fish and chips, only at the Twisted Kilt, they are made with red snapper! Guiness is on tap and there is always a game on the many televisions. A gift shop is attached to the bar, and the circumstance is ideal for watching the boats and cruise ships or taking in the sunset. on the day, there is a beach a few steps away and the bar is always humming with people coming and going, so expect tourist prices.


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