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No Party Like a Party in Jamaica

There is No Party like a party in Jamaica

Are you a party person? There is no party like a party in Jamaica, day or night. Here in jamaica we party day and night. Why not have fun, the kids are on break, school is out so come relax, unwind and release your stress with us.
Best Party Jamaica
There’s a party in Jamaica for everyone, we have parties for all occasions for the young, middle age and the old at hart. There are a wide selection of party experience to choose from.

Top Party Spots in Montego Bay

If you just want to relax chill and unwind you can visit our Usain Bolt Tracks and Records for good food and great music. When we say Usain Bolt Tracks and Record, its not the one in Kingston or Ocho Rios we are talking about, we are referring to the newly open Usain Bolt Tracks and Record on the Montego Bay Hip Strip (Gloucester Ave).
The Pier One is one of the most popular spots in Montego Bay, for a more local experience, they have a great restaurant where you can enjoy wondeful lunch or dinner on the water front, they are also known for the best night spot on the week end.
The Blue Beat Ultra Lounge, another hot spot for good music and excellent food, how could we leave out the famous Maragartville, the perfect hot spot for day or night activities and great food, everything in one spot, thats just amazing.
The Hard Rock Cafe, not only offer food and music, they also offer souvenirs for you can take back a little piece of our Island, these souvenirs are not made in china, they are real authentic Jamaican stuff made by Jamaicans.
One of our other  hot spots is  Debut Fine Wine & Grill Brick Oven Pizza, they have specials all year round and they have an amazing view over looking the sea.
These are just some of the hot spots in Montego Bay where you can get your party on, sound fun right?  we at JCVTT makes it even more fun with our professional and courteous drivers, we are ready and waiting to take you to any one of these locations.
JCVTT will customize all your travel needs to take you near and far to every knoock and cranny however for the below excursions once you are staying in Montego bay you wont need to travel far they are right at your finger tips just a stone throw away.  
Remember there is no party like a party in Jamaica, book your transfer and tours with us now at, or send us and e-mail at

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