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A Few Things to Know for Your Trip to Jamaica

Just A few Things to know for your trip to Jamaica

A Few Things to Know for Your Trip to Jamaica

Here are a few things to know for your trip to Jamaica. Often times we are asked why Jamaica is unique?, until this day no one has been able to come up with one specific answer, we cant just say it is this or that. Its just a bunch of thing put together all wrapped into on small Island.

Here are just a few important things to know for your trip to Jamaica

The food, people, sunshine, beaches, music, our spirit and way of life as a people makes us who we are as island people and one of the worlds most loved vacation destination.

There is never a dull moment around a Jamaican: We as a people always greet you with a warm smile just a s one of our most loved phrases "No Problem Mon: it seems we never have any problems at all.  😂🤔

Reggae Music: is mainly what keeps us going as our music Legend Bob Marley puts it "Dont worry about a thing cause every little thing is gonna be alright".

Another important fact about out music legend Bob Marley is that his body is still at his resting place and place of birth Nine Miles.

Our Sunshine: is one of the main reason why visitors keep coming back we as Jamaican run from the sun while visitors can't get enough of our sunshine.

White Sand Beaches and Cliffs: are also amazing to explore, Jamaica has some of the worlds best white sand beaches and cliffs to die for. Other than relaxing and enjoying the waters of our beaches.

You can also do a little cliff jumping if you are not scared, another great way is to watch our beautiful sunset, one of the best in the world.

Jamaican Food: Dont mean to brag however every visitor loves our food mainly because of how it is prepared over pimento wood fire and the local spices that is used in our dishes.

Jerk Pork, Chicken and Fish: is mouth watering just right to tantalize every one of our taste buds, mouthwatering yea i know. Come on and try our local dishes from our local restaurants and jerk centers we guarantee you wont regret it.

You can take our word for it or you can come experience it for yourselves.

Hit us up at we will arrange your transportation and tour excursions while visiting paradise. Just give us a call at 876-979-2021, we will take you to places where you will "Feel Alright".
Welcome to "Jamaica Mon" where a warm smile awaits you with everyone you meet. "Irie Mon" Let Jamaica Customised Vacations, Transportation and Tours take you there.

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