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Exploring Jamaica’s Deep Culture

Exploring Jamaica’s Deep Culture

Jamaica is an island country positioned in the Caribbean sea. It is a home to various types of cultures from all around the world. This diversity developed as a result of its rich history. After being a tribe populated island it fell into Spanish control at the time of the Columbus. Later on it became one of the British colonies; this lasted until 1962 when it gained its independence.

There were more than a few benefits to gaining its independence. It brought Jamaica the stability and economic growth it desperately needed. This ensured the country would develop more and at a faster rate than before.

The official language of Jamaica is English, but unlike most of the countries Jamaicans introduced quite a few new words and a different way of pronouncing them. Parts of their vocabulary are made from combining English, Spanish, Portuguese, African phrases and Jamaican slang. All of the listed elements make it well known and easily recognized by most people around the World. Although it is easily recognized, understanding it is a challenge to many. However, It stands as one of the core elements of Jamaican culture and it is not willing to adapt to anyone that wants to make it different.

Food also holds an important part in the culture of this country. As Jamaica is a tropical island you get to taste all the different kind of flavors you probably never encountered. This includes meals such as boiled bananas, roasted bread fruit, cow foot, ackee and salt fish and many more.

This cuisine and ways of its preparations are like the language itself, a mixture of all kinds of traditions and recipes from across the Globe. Jamaican culture and cuisine is so diverse they even have a whole list of vegetarians’ recipes and foods from Rastafarians which only eat vegetables and prepare the food in a special kind of way, without adding too much salt or cooking the food for too long.

At the end, we can’t really talk about Jamaica and its culture without mentioning the most popular component of it, Music. From ska, rock steady and reggae to dub, deejay and dancehall, Jamaican music remained popular and well listened to all across the World. Its originality remained untouched all the way from its start back in 1961 until today.

The guy who deserves most credit for making Jamaican music so popular is of course Bob Marley. He didn’t only make Reggae one of the most popular and well known types of music but he also promoted Jamaican culture and its values.

Music had a great impact on how the world viewed Jamaica, making it more than just an agricultural country. This was further improved by Jamaicans achievements in sports that proved Jamaica is a country with many qualities and wide variety of things to offer.

In conclusion, Jamaica shows that mixture of cultures and a wide variety of history, events does not only teach the county and its people how to overcome anything, but it also makes them stronger, more independent, and more resilient to literally anything the World can throw at them. That is the true greatness of Jamaican culture, its people, and everything they have to offer.

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