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Come Join the Jamaican Vibes

Don’t wait, come join the Jamaican vibes.

Don’t wait, come join the Jamaican vibes. Feeling hot? I know the summer is on, there are many ways to cool down, you can have a cold Red Stripe, a icy cold jelly coconut or you can just visit the beach.

Many tourist visit our Island not just because of the  beautiful sunshine but also for the food, good vibes and our beaches.

Jamaica has some of the most exotic and delicious dishes any country can offer, our famous jerk chicken and jerk pork is world renowned, this is a must have for visitors.

Best Jamaican Jerk Spots

We will be happy to take you to any of our famous jerk spots on the island. To name a few, you can visit Scotchies in Ocho Rios and Montego Bay, Ultimate Jerk Center in Discovery Bay, Jerky’s in Montego Bay, Boston Jerk Centre in Portland, Border Jerk on the border of Hanover and Westmoreland, and many more.

We know sometimes the hotel can be a little boring, we encourage our guest to go and visit historic sites and hot spots if you want to experience the real Jamaican vibes. You have to get out of the hotel for this authentic vibes.

Do not take second hand information or listen to propaganda about leaving your hotel is not safe, Jamaica is one of the safest vacation destination in the world. Lets take a trip to the beach, go shopping, get your hair braided or enjoy a ride along the country side, then you can brag about a true Jamaica experience.

Don’t forget about our exciting and active nightlife, there’s always a party going on in Jamaica. Jamaican party when they are stressed, broke or once there is a link up with friends, family or just strangers with a party vibes connection.

Jamaicans just like to have fun and we want you to have fun with us while you are visiting, our reggae music gives you a good vibes that encourages relaxation, just come “Kick back with us Mon”.

If you are considering taking a trip, and you need authorized, safe, reliable, and affordable ground transportation in Jamaica, Jamaica Customised Vacations, Transportation and Tours will give you a personal guide full of vibes to spice up your trip, now that’s value for your money.

Don’t wait come join the Jamaican vibes, call us today at (876) 979-2021, e-mail or visit our website at “We Customised All Your Jamaica Transportation and Tour Needs”

come join the Jamaican vibes

come join the Jamaican vibes

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