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Visit Treasure Beach, Hidden Gem of Jamaica

Visit Treasure Beach, hidden gem of Jamaica, Treasure Beach Jamaica is surely one of the islands best kept secret. Just like the name suggests it is a true gem of the Island. This small laid back community is comprised of four separate bays all of which are truly unique. Treasure Beach is the generic name given to four Jamaican coves and their associated settlements: Billy’s Bay, Frenchman’s Bay, Calabash Bay and Great Pedro Bay.

Treasure Beach Jamaica is located in St. Elizabeth which is the food source (‘bread basket’) of the country which produces about 80 percent of the island’s food production. The region is isolated from the main tourist areas; it is also for the romantic at heart.

The four bay areas of Treasure Beach are the Billy’s Bay here you can relax and enjoy the peaceful atmosphere in tranquility. The Frenchman’s Bay is equally as pleasant children find this bay the most enjoyable. The Great Pedro Bay is where you can get closer and see the fishermen of Treasure Beach Jamaicans doing what they do best. The Calabash Bay is more isolated you can have an entire beach just for yourself.

There are so many interesting adventure in the Treasure beach area you can visit lovers leap, Ys Falls, Black River Safari, Appleton Estate Pelican Bar and Negril highlight tour.

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