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Glistening Waters Luminous Lagoon Tour

Glistening Waters Luminous Lagoon Tour

You are in Jamaica, maybe you are here with your spouse, fiancé, husband, wife or maybe you are alone. No need to worry if you are the Glistening Waters luminous Lagoon Tour is just perfect for you.

The tour I am speaking of is none other than the Glistening Waters, more popularly known as the Luminous Lagoon. You can enjoy the boat ride or you can do the boat ride and dinner tour as a combo.

There is also a cultural dance if you arrive early, you will be able to watch this spectacular dance routine. Great entertainment for the entire family. You can do the boat ride on the luminous lagoon then have dinner. Why not tantalized your taste buds with some of our most exotic and mouthwatering dishes.

Glistening Waters Luminous Lagoon Tour includes

  • Boat Ride on the Luminous Lagoon
  • Swimming
  • Dinner (Optional)
  • Complimentary refreshment
  • Light Entertainment

On the Glistening Water Luminous lagoon Tour, if you can swim you may want to take a dive. Come dive in the water and watch your every motion glow. The glow is formed from small microorganisms that emit a flash of light when touched.

The microscopic organisms live and create a natural phenomenon, known as bio-luminescence. Jamaica’s luminous lagoon being the brightest of them all amazes scientists and visitors worldwide. Now that’s some amazing and exciting information, can you imagine your every motion glows while you swim.

While you are visiting Jamaica why not book your Luminous Lagoon tour and go see for yourself. It is an amazing and great experience for you and your love ones.

This is a great experience for the entire family, if you are a hopeless romantic and need a great spot. This tour is great to propose are just show you care, the Luminous Lagoon tour is a great option.

Glistening Waters Luminous Lagoon Tour

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  1. Lerry

    Il looks so gorgeous! I love National Patks – except for all those crazy drivers. Your photos are fantastic!!

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