You are currently viewing Road Trip!!! How to eat and sight see your way around Montego Bay.

Road Trip!!! How to eat and sight see your way around Montego Bay.

Montego Bay is the capital of the parish of St. James and the second largest city in Jamaica by area and the fourth by population. It is a tourist destination with duty-free shopping, a cruise line terminal and several beaches. But Montego Bay as lot to offer every family that vacation in this city. Here is your road trip!!! How to eat and sight see your way around Montego Bay.

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Things to do in Montego Bay

Rastafarian Indigenous Village Tour from Montego Bay—This Rastafarian Indigenous Village Tour is a working space with Villagers who are artisans, crafts person’s, musicians, and farmers whose philosophies reflect a respect and appreciation for the blessings of nature and a sense of family for each other and humanity. Located in the cool hills of the Montego River Gardens, across the clear, bubbling stream into the lush fruited paths edged with medicinal herbs and healing plants, up into the shaded glade to the hidden village where you are welcomed by the sound of drums, to a simpler place and time.

Zip line Canopy Tour from Montego Bay—-Enjoy the views of rural Jamaica on the longest zip line in the Caribbean, one of 5 zip lines, varying in length from 250′ to the amazing 1,600′ Big Timba. We welcome you to Lethe Estates, a private, gated farming community situated along the Great River. 

Feel the sensation of flying with the birds as you pass over the tree canopy.

Doctors Cave Beach Tour from Montego Bay—Doctors Cave Beach is the most popular beach in Montego Bay, known for its healing properties and white sand beach, the water which is crystal clear has a temperature range, winter and summer from 78 to 84 degrees Fahrenheit, 22 to 28 Celsius.

Places to Eat in Montego Bay.

House Boat Grill—Moored in Bogue Bay at Montego Bay Free port, this converted houseboat is one of the best restaurants in the country. The changing menu offers eclectic Caribbean fusion cuisine: tiger shrimp in a fiery red curry, or beef medallions with goat’s cheese and plantain mashed potatoes, plus homemade ice cream. You can dine inside, or reclusively out on the moon deck.

Margaritaville—-It is hailed as the place to be on Montego Bay’s “Hip Strip,” this is perfect for anyone looking for exciting entertainment, a lively, fun atmosphere, delicious food and fun concoctions. Margaritaville is only 5-10 minutes’ drive from any resort in Montego Bay.

Scotchies— Authentic Jamaican Jerk chicken is grilled over sweet wood and pimento wood logs. Rated as the best in the west.

Pier One—If you’re into big nightclubs, Pier One is the place to go in Montego Bay. It is also has a restaurant on the water front.

There are so many more interesting places  to visit and eat in Montego Bay. Book all your adventure with Jamaica Customised Vacation & Tours today!!!

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