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Things To Know About Ocho Rios

Things To Know About Ocho Rios

Ochos Rios in Jamaica is one of the popular tourist destinations in Caribbean. Here are things to know about Ocho Rios, Jamaica. The city is highly popular for its numerous beaches and snorkeling. The surrounding mountains of St. Ann and the forests provide the ideal background for hiking, mountaineering and zip lining. The area in itself is a great paradise for the adventure enthusiasts. Various tourism companies and the tour operators offer exciting excursions in Ochos Rios Jamaica.
Facts to Know about Ochos Rios

Places to Visit
Once a major banana exporter and a great fishing port; the city of Ochos Rios is situated on the northeastern edge of Jamaica. Avid shoppers can visit the endless fringe of the markets and shopping complexes. Towards the west side of the place is the pineapple place and Coconut Grove, the city’s main shopping markets.

When you walk through the market you will come across the beaches which are always overcrowded with the cruise ships and other passengers. Another highlight of the area is Fern Gully, a strip of about four miles that contains 500 species of fern.

The city is packed with the numerous strings of boutique hotels, silver line hotels and cottages for the tourists. While most hotels offer all inclusive packages, the tourist can opt for the customized tours. You can easily get to know about the best tours in Jamaica through popular travel websites.


The place which has been listed as the favourite tourist destination, the city has a stream of popular waterfalls. The city’s most popular tourist attraction is Dunn’s River Falls. It is a 600 foot tall pay to enter park which is 3 miles to the west of Ochos Rios receives a great influx of tourists.

Excursions In region
The international tour operators have been offering various adventure tours for the region. Packed with the natural sites and rich flora and fauna, the region promises the best Jamaica adventure Tours. If you are looking out for some adventure in your life, book a Jamaica adventure Tour.

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