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Negril Transportation, Montego Bay Airport To Negril

Negril Transportation Services: So you have booked your flight and hotel in Negril, Jamaica, but you are not sure how you are going to reach your hotel in Negril from the Montego Bay Airport, in Jamaica most transfers from the Montego Bay airport and any Negril hotels are mostly done by bus, mini van or a sedan care often called a taxi.

There are a few major title that is used for these transfer services, shuttle bus or shared transfer, or private transfer, these services are provided by ground transportation companies, operated in Jamaica. Be sure to speak with your travel agent or who ever you book your hotel with to see if complimentary transportation from Montego Bay airport to Negril is included. If not, do not panic, the options are endless. Travel time between Montego Bay and Negril is 1 hr. 15 minutes to 1 ½ hour, depending on our resort location, on the beach or on the cliff.

Negril, Jamaica is home to miles of white sand beaches, crystal clear waters and cliffs; Negril is popularly known as the “Capital of Casual” for its relaxing atmosphere. For the most dynamic mix of settings, Negril is popular, there are all-inclusive, boutiques, villas, hotels, resorts, homes, inns and many more accommodation styles to choose from, both on the beach side or cliff side.

Here are a little about the available types of transfers to Negril from Montego Bay:

Shuttle Bus or Shared Transfers to Negril

This is a great way to get from the airport to Negril, with prices ranging from $20-30 per person, this option allows you to wait on others and share a ride down, It may take much longer to reach your hotel as you may stops along the way for others visitors who are staying at other hotels along the way.
Private transfer to Negril

This is another option, which sometime may be the best option because after a long flight and dealing with Customs and immigration, you just want to go directly to your hotel, there is no waiting as you normally arrange this in advance with your selected private ground transportation provider. Booking in advance guarantees that there is someone waiting and the prices are not too much higher than a shared ride, prices range from $65-100 for groups of 1-4 and there is a per person rate charged for 5 and more ($17-25 per person).

Finding ground transportation from Montego Bay to Negril is quick and easy, you can find providers on the internet, select the one you feel comfortable with and then you are all set. You can compare prices to find the best deals and round trip packages available.

We hope this helps with your trip plans to Negril, for guaranteed, reliable, affordable and on time Negril transfer we recommend Jamaica Customised Vacation and Tours, for more details you can visit, e-mail: or call 1(876) 979-2021.

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