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Jamaica Transportation Services

Jamaica Transportation Services

Your Jamaica Transportation services options are unlimited, you can choose either by ground or air from luxurious buses, cars, limousine services, chartered helicopters, charted air planes, and Car rentals, all these options are available any where on the island or online.

These services are available at all major airports, hotels, resorts, and piers in any city or towns of Jamaica, with choices of Montego Bay Airport transfers, Kingston Airport Transfers, Montego Bay Cruise Ship transfers, Ocho Rios Cruise Ship transfers, or transfers from anywhere on the island, which is just a phone call or click away.

We recommend hired transportation while in Jamaica, but for the adventurous renting is an option, driving in Jamaica can be an exhilarating experience as driving in done on the left hand side, which take some time getting used to unless you are visiting from the United Kingdom.

Here are some things you will need to look out for in Jamaica, Jamaican drivers are aggressive drivers, major routes roads are generally in good condition, roads leading inward island are often potholed ridded, narrow, and unpaved, this is why a four-wheel drive vehicle is often recommended. These should not stop you from venturing in-ward Island, as this is the only way you can enjoy the true Jamaican experience.

You can also try an adventure on route taxi or buses for transportation in Jamaica, buses and taxis run in and between every town and can be stopped at any point between route, buses stop at designated bus stops, these type of vehicles used for this service has a red license plate and “route taxi” is marked on the side or front passenger and driver doors.

To really see Jamaica a private driver book or a tour company is the best way to go, find a reliable driver or transportation company and make your arrangements with them as the more things you do with the same people the cheaper it works out to be. Most drivers are friendly and very knowledgeable of the history, culture, and location of the best spots in Jamaica.

Jamaica transportation services are undoubtedly the most enjoyable, reliable, and safe way to see Jamaica. There are two types of Jamaica transfer, private transfer and combined transfer.

Combined transfer services, allow you to travel with others or groups, there may be a wait for others, and a few stop at other resorts. This service is normally at a reasonable price that will indeed fit in your budget.

Private transfers services, you travel alone, with requested stops for a bite or sightseeing. These service are offered to or from Montego Bay, Ocho Rios, Negril, Kingston, Mandeville, and Treasure Beach, with this service you will leave immediately upon arrival as your vehicle will be there waiting for you. The price for this service will be more expensive than a combined service.

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    I am planning to be there and I am sure that I am going to get your services. Expect a call from me within this week and I hope to discuss more about the details of my vacation. Looking forward JCVT!

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