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Its capital town Port Antonio, is a parish located on Jamaica’s northeast coast. It is situated to the north of St Thomas and to the east of St Mary. It is one of the rural areas of Jamaica and is known for its great beaches and hidden treasures, come explore Portland and feel the magic.

Portland as so many attractions here are few;

Blue Lagoon—the most striking feature about the Blue Lagoon is its mystical blue color which changes throughout the day, depending on the angle of the sun. A day spent by the Blue Lagoon can see the hue change from turquoise to sapphire to deep blue.

Rio Grande Valley Rafting— It has an elevation 3000 feet in the Blue Mountains Rio Grande River. It is a scenic six mile trip that takes two and a half hours. Rio Grande is the birthplace of river rafting in Jamaica.

Somerset Falls— Nine miles of the west of port Antonio it provides the beautiful setting on the former indigo and spice plantation. Once an old sugar plantation that extended from the mountains to the sea, today Somerset is a 97-acre property with a breathtaking garden, complete with ponds and waterfalls.

Folly Ruins —The Folly Mansion was actually built in 1905 by a retired mining engineer, Alfred Mitchell, for himself and his wife, the Tiffany heiress, Annie Tiffany. The Mansion was a grand structure in its heyday, styled on a Roman Villa with 60 rooms spread over 2 floors.

The Trident Castle—- is the only castle in the Caribbean and was built in the 1980. The property is an example of rocco stonework, constructed in an Austrian Baroque style. There are six elegant bedrooms, a music room, a dining fall and peacocks have the free run of the grounds.

Monkey Island —–is situated offshore from the folly ruins. The stretch of water separating the Island from the mainland is very shallow (about ankle deep at low tide) so it is easy to walk across. However, watch your step if you are walking barefoot as the sea bed is dotted with sea urchins (known locally as “sea eggs”).

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