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Jamaica Adventure Tours

Jamaica Adventure Tours

Jamaica Adventure Tours: Jamaica, the island where music is a religion. So get ready for a week of concerts, where the horn is just an excuse to say hello to the Rastafarians you respond with a big smile … The hand on the wheel and the other carelessly placed on the door of your beautiful car you go to the sound of reggae, to meet this lush country where the sunny plantations alongside the beautiful waterfalls of freshness. But be careful where you step because the crocodiles await your treats on the Black River. You have been warned, Jamaica Tours offers some nice surprises, such as Port Antonio, which was the scene of frenzied Hollywood celebrations offered by Errol Flynn, or the Dunn’s River Falls, where the transparent water drops terraces for a massage very kind. Relaxation and discovery with every night a charming journey, and the day to extend a languorous beach towel. It is certain that this adventure will roll to the beat of Bob Marley!

Primarily focused seaside tourism, the island of Jamaica, however much more to reveal. Earth Rastas and the birthplace of reggae music is a green island and charismatic thought we had find off the beaten path. Coffee plantations in the Blue Mountains to the beautiful beaches of the Southern Wild, through the capital Kingston and Black River, this route offers a full discovery of the island, to meet the Jamaicans and their “good vibes”.

The cool island that has brought us Bob Marley, Blue Mountain coffee and etc. more is home to a variety of accommodations, and tantalizing cuisine like no other. Every year visitors come to Jamaica to meet the people, immerse themselves in the culture, be surrounded by the natural beauty, and experience the numerous things to see and do.

With more than 150 attractions island-wide, spas, golf and history to experience, Jamaica offers something for everyone. Thrill-seekers can glide through Jamaica’s treetops on the “canopy tour”, ride horses on land and in the sea; sail down one of Jamaica’s many rivers on a tube, kayak or on a romantic guided river raft; bicycle down the beautiful Blue Mountains. Of course, Jamaica’s world renowned attraction, Dunn’s River Falls is a must see as visitors of all ages can climb the 180 m of cascading waterfall.

Jamaica also offers some of finest cuisine in the world from jerk chicken to succulent island fruits to the world renowned Blue Mountain coffee. A visit to the Appleton Estate in the South Coast region allows visitors to experience the history of rum and sip the exceptional spirits. If you need more information or seeking for other information, please visit the website for your Jamaica adventure tours.

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