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Hottest Summers are in Jamaica

Hottest summers are in Jamaica

Weather it’s the climate or its summer Jamaica is always hot. School is out and it’s the holidays, so let the fun begin. Its nice sunny evenings cool afternoons and nobody has to work, time to get the party started. Its summer and for all beach lovers, its time for the beach, and nowhere has beaches like Jamaica, relax on some of the most breathtaking beaches in the world, don’t go alone, call a couple of friends and lets make a link-up.

When relaxing in Jamaica, your choices for fun is endless, come and visit our beautiful beaches, Galleries, museums, historical sites and cultural events and many more. Jamaican parties and nightlife caters to everyone, learn the latest dance moves, feel the rhythm of our Reggae music, enjoy the wildest and coolest parties the island has to offer. Check out Montego Bay in July for the famous Reggae Sumfest, one whole week of parting, visit Negril where there is always something going on like The ATI Dream weekend, yeah! This is the ultimate summer party for the Negril area.

To compliment the fun and excitement, be sure to check out our Jamaica cuisines, don’t be surprised if our food is the best part or your trip. Jamaican food is very symbolic and expressed our diversified culture, we are known around the world for our recipes and famous spices. Try our National dish Ackee and Saltfish for breakfast or grab a Juicy Beef Patty for lunch. When its dinnertime order Stew Peas and White Rice with an ice-cold red stripe beer.

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