Shared Helicopter Rides

Sandals Whitehouse Shared Helicopter Transfer List

Are you heading to Sandals Whitehouse from Montego Bay and need to experience an adventure? add  your name to our share list and join hundreds of people who awaits to experience the excitement of our Sandals Whitehouse helicopter transfers.

On this page you will find dates of tentative bookings for clients who are willing to share their flight or do you need an helicopter transfer but want to share a ride with others? E-MAIL YOUR ARRIVAL or DEPARTURE INFORMATION TO, we will add you or check to see which dates are available below:

Sandals Whitehouse helicopter transfer Share List

* Need 2 people to share helicopter ride from Montego Bay Airport to Sandals Whitehouse, June 24, 2017, between 11:30 AM - 12:30 PM.

* Need 2 people to share helicopter ride from Sandals Whitehouse to Montego Bay Airport, July 01, 2017, between 9:00 AM - 9:30 AM.

If you are planning your trip to Jamaica and wish to fly to or from your resort, hotel, villa, or airport and would like to share an helicopter ride, please feel free to e-mail us and we will add you to our list. We look forward to hear from you.

Sandals Whitehouse Shared Helicopter Flights from Montego Bay.

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