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Traveling to Jamaica During COVID-19

As one of Jamaica’s leading transportation and tour businesses, we want to assure you that the island is open for business. Our guilelessness and attempts to protect our guests have earned us a good reputation, ensuring a pleasurable and safe stay.

During the COVI-19 pandemic, here is some information to assist you plan your next big Jamaica vacation.

Before You Go:

Within three days of your flight to Jamaica, you must be tested for COVID-19 (an antigen test from your nearby City works fine). You must obtain the Jamaica Travel Authorization within five days of travel, which is similar to an online immigration form and you will receive an immediate approval. To check-in at the airport, you’ll need both. At, you’ll find everything you need to complete your permission.

Airport & Flight:

Everyone is compelled to wear a mask when they arrive at the airport, and social distance signals are present throughout. You can only take off your mask when traveling through security and eating or drinking so that TSA can verify my identification. To escape the crowds at the food stores, we recommend bringing a snack.

Arriving in Jamaica:

Upon arrival in Jamaica, a representative from the local airport authority may board your flight and inform you of what to expect after deplaning. To save time at the airport, try booking Club Mobay, a VIP service that expedites customs and immigration processing.

If you book with Club Mobay, a representative will greet you as you disembark the plane and explain you through the safety precautions that have been implemented. There are several checkpoints with hand sanitizer and documentation checks, as well as additional health screening if necessary.

Getting to Your Resort:

We recommend that you book your airport shuttle in advance online to avoid any difficulty and to obtain the best costs. If you don’t have a car, you can always take a taxi at the airport. Click here for additional information about your Jamaica Hotel Airport Shuttles:

After exiting the arrivals lobby through the front exit, a representative will be waiting with a sign bearing your name. If you have any particular requests, please make them known when making your reservation so they can have them readily available for you when you arrive.

Arriving at Your Resort:

When you arrive at your resort, take a temperature reading and then clean your hands before approaching the front desk. Your check-in will thereafter be processed by a front desk staff. All hotels require visitors to maintain 6 feet of social distance and have markers and signs telling guests to “Wear a Mask,” “Wash Your Hands,” and “Keep 6 Feet of Social Distance.”

Most hotels in Jamaica offer “contactless” check-in over the internet. Now that you’ve checked in and received your accommodation, it’s time to “let the fun begin.”

Leaving Jamaica:

It’s time to say goodbye to Jamaica after a lovely holiday. Returning travelers must provide documentation of a negative COVID-19 test three days before their journey home, according to recently modified regulations.

Some resorts have made this easier by offering free COVID-19 testing on site or by taking other steps to meet this need. Please double-check with your hotel. (Please keep in mind that certain resorts charge for COVID-19 tests.)

When you arrive at the airport, security personnel will be monitoring the number of people entering and asking everyone to wash their hands. Temperature checks, hand sanitizing, and social distancing will all be performed.

Following your check-in, proceed through customs to your airline’s waiting gate. Please accept our thanks for coming to Jamaica; we hope you had a great time, and we hope to see you next week.

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