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By Daniel Hansen-Landis on September 14, 2010
The description to this tour really doesn’t do it justice, my wife and I had an amazing time on this trip. We were on the fence about Dunn River Falls. We have done other waterfall hikes but the pictures of Dunn with lines of tourists locked in a human chain really turned us off. Fortunately, on our ride from the airport Carlton mentioned that Mayfield Falls were much less crowded and a lot more fun. This trip lets you move at your own pace, in a private group, and lets you be as physical as you like. Highlights include an exfoliating mud scrub, a vigorous hike up (literally) a river with beautiful falls every few meters, jumping from rock ledges or trees, soaking in numerous springs and natural water jets, and swimming through an underwater tunnel. The guide was great and would happily show you a path around any obstacle you didn’t want to encounter. Another big plus is that you get to see some of the island’s interior on the way to and from the falls. This enabled us to learn a good bit about the agriculture and town life too. Definitely well worth it!
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